Sheila Hicks

Sheila Hicks

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Our top tips for being creative like Sheila :

  • Emily painted her dreams and things that she saw - Try painting your dreams or writing them down.

  • Try using dots to paint rather than lines. Can you draw a picture with dots. Use a variety of objects to create different sized dots. We use ear buds, twigs and the pointy end of a brush. Try drawing different shapes and fill them with lots of dots

  • Indigenous Australian art uses symbols to retell stories and dreams. Make up your own symbols to tell your stories.

  • Make your own story stones, paint your symbols on 6 stones. Throw your stones and take turns to tell a story with your symbols.

  • Emily painted line paintings that looked like yam roots. Can you find any roots to paint? Try painting lines without taking your brush of the paper.

  • Go fo a walk, How many roots can you see? Have ago at drawing your roots



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