Make a Nature Weaving

Make a Nature Weaving

These little weavings are super easy and fun to make . They are easy to make when you are in the park, on the beach or at home.

You will need:

•Stiff cardboard

•String or twine


•Flowers, herbs, feathers or leaves 



  • We went for a walk in the woods to collect some wild flowers, we also used some herbs we had growing at home
  • Cut little 1 cm slats about 1 cm apart along opposite sides of your cardboard
  • Tuck in your twine at the back and wind your twine up and down your cardboard and then tuck the end piece in
  • Now you are ready to weave your flowers or leaves
The process of making these is the most important thing. It’s a great opportunity to chat about the names of plants & flowers. You could make these at different times of the year and talk about the changes in the plants.
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